About Valiant Lawyers

Valiant Lawyers is the brainchild of Director and Principal Jenna du Preez. Jenna discovered her passion for criminal law, and social justice, whilst at university. Although she holds a deep respect for the Queensland justice system, after completing the Innocence Project Jenna became aware of its flaws. It become her goal to ensure all her clients received the best representation she could offer and equal treatment before the courts, ensuring that they receive the best outcome possible.

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Jenna du Preez

Jenna Du Preez grew up in the Mackay region, attending school in Moranbah, and later finishing her degree at Griffith University in Brisbane. After spending a decade practicing in Brisbane, she later returned to Mackay to raise her family. She was particularly happy to get back to the excellent fishing in Mackay.

In 2015, she was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland. She has extensive experience in property, commercial, criminal, and traffic law. Jenna also has impressive public sector experience working with Queensland Probation and Parole.

For Jenna, no case is too big or too small. She is passionate about providing the best representation for all clients when it comes to criminal and traffic cases, or domestic violence law. She has a stellar record, representing clients in court and out of court. Whether it’s negotiating with the prosecution, processing bail applications, or appealing restricted work licenses, Du Preez prides herself on finding creative, effective solutions for every client.