Any time you are charged with a criminal offense, it’s important to get legal representation immediately. Not only is the process extremely stressful, it can also be tricky, and many clients are not aware of all their rights. You need someone who can provide clear, concise legal advice, even before the police request an interview. You want to feel confident that in the courtroom you have an advocate who is on your side.

If the charges cannot be withdrawn or reduced before court, we are experienced trial lawyers, with reputation for getting our clients justice.

Get detailed, purposeful legal advice you can use. We help people like you get their legal matters fairly resolved every day.

The team at Valiant Lawyers does more than just represent you in court. We handle your advocacy from beginning to end. Charges are not always accurate, and they may not tell the whole story. That’s where we come in, with meticulous research and review of the facts, we work hard to negotiate your case with prosecutors.

Jenna will provide you with timely and accurate advice on the steps you can take to assist in getting you the best outcome possible. You can be sure we have dealt with matters just like yours.